SED North America

sed engineeringSED North America was established with a mission to provide high quality process products to the aseptic, sanitary and industrial markets. SED North America is the exclusive supplier of the SED Flow Control, GmbH, valve products and components for North America. These innovative and proven products have been supplied in North America since 1997.

Our aseptic diaphragm valves are manufactured to the current ASME BPE standards to meet the demanding process requirements of the pharmaceutical, bio-processing, cosmetics, food, and beverage industries where aseptic and hygienic conditions are required. Complimenting the aseptic product offering are the SED industrial diaphragm valves, angle seat valves, flow meters and system components.

The SED Advantage

#As an example of our innovative designs and quality valve technologies, a global cosmetics company challenged SED to design a twenty-two valve manifold for perfume diffusion to their liquid fabric softener filling machines. Our engineering department took the challenge and developed a mirror two valve port block body. With a common center port, the mirror two valve port block bodies are assembled with a top and bottom plate, aseptic O-ring and threaded coupling and bolt. For pneumatic operation, the valves include our compact SED Bio Series Steripur actuator. For the valve communication and air control, we added our 024.50 Contact-Free Limit Switch and 602 3/2 Way Pilot Solenoid Valve. The final result is a modular flexible valve manifold that may be assembled with two to thirty valves.